Einar & Helma Septon Memorial Scholarship
Fund Background: The fund was established in 1991 by Richard D. Septon and Avis K. (Septon) Monson in memory of their parents, Einar & Helma Septon.
Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship will only assist students who have chosen to attend Concordia College, Moorhead, MN. Students who have graduated from a Mountrail County school are eligible to apply, with first priority given to graduating students from Stanley High School. All students who have graduated from a Mountrail County School are encouraged to apply.

Priority application deadline is June 15th. Please contact us after June to verify availability of funds before applying.
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North Dakota Community Foundation
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Statement of Financial Need: Many scholarship awards are based on financial need. The committee choosing the recipient must rely on the information in this application in order to make a wise choice. Please include any pertinent information to help the committee make a decision, such as: amount of any financial aid you may receive from your family, government student loans, number of siblings in college, special financial situation which may affect your ability to pay for college, government grants you may be receiving and other scholarships you may have already been awarded.

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