Give Where You Live: Community Endowment Funds

A community endowment fund is a permanent, flexible, general purpose charitable vehicle. Donations from individuals, families, corporations, and organizations are pooled into a single multi-purpose endowment fund. The principle in the account is never spent, but income from the endowment is used by a local advisory committee to address emerging and changing community needs. Each of the community funds listed on the map below has a local committee whose main responsibilities are to 1) raise money and 2) give money away.

NDCF currently manages 60 community endowment funds for various sized cities and counties all across the state.  The size of each fund varies. The largest community fund is over $6,000,000 in assets while smaller, newer funds may only be in the tens of thousands.

If your community doesn't have an endowment fund and you would like to learn more about this option, please give us a call.  It does not require a large investment to start a fund - they grow over time and become incredible resources for the communities they support.

**A wonderful incentive is that gifts to these permanent community endowment funds may qualify for the 40% North Dakota income tax credit if they meet the criteria listed here

The North Dakota Community Foundation staff are willing to answer questions that you may have. Please contact our offices in Bismarck or Grand Forks with your questions.