Dickinson Area Community Foundation: Serving the Area For Years to Come

With the formation of the initial advisory committee, the Dickinson Area Community Foundation officially launched signing documents in April making it a component fund of NDCF! With the signing, the first three gifts were received to create the permanent endowment. More gifts are welcome to grow this resource for the Dickinson area.

OUR MISSION: To improve the quality of life for residents through charitable giving and philanthropy to make a lasting and beneficial investment in the Dickinson Area. OUR VISION: Promote Philanthropy, receive and manage charitable gifts, invest in wide-ranging program that promote economic and social well-being of area residents.

Our role as committee members is to network with area service organizations and government, marketing the mission of the foundation, drawing gifts to the foundation, all with the goal to grow the permanent fund and make it a great resource for the community.

The current Advisory Committee members are:

Linda Steve (Chairperson)
Russ Schank
Jordan Selinger (VP)
Danita Tysver
Denise Steinbach (Sec)
Suzi Sobolik
Peggy Brien
Josh De Morrett

The team is meeting monthly to define the vision and strategic plan for the foundation on how it will best serve the community.

Contact the committee at: Linda Steve stevecpa@ndsupernet.com

Dickinson Area Community Foundation (DACF) PO Box 1513 Dickinson, ND 58602-1513 EMAIL: DICKINSONACF@gmail.com

For questions regarding NDCF contact John Heinen NDCF Development Director for Western, ND at (701) 590-4614 or john@ndcf.net

HELPING US BUILD THE FUND: In order for the fund to have a bigger impact in the community, we invite those in the region to make some sort of a gift. Please refer to the "other information" tab for a report and brochure to find out more. Or please call one of us on the committee. We would be happy to answer any questions.



The committee is in the process or researching service organizations in need. Ask for more information or give us your email and we can stay in touch as to when grants will be given out. Those that qualify are 501(c)3, governmental and political subdivisions. This can include Veteran groups, parks and rec, youth programs, school programs etc. Our goal is to build the foundation in the short term to award $5-10K per year.

To be considered for a grant please contact the committee at our COMMITTEE EMAIL ADDRESS



GRANT AWARDS: Released as Grants are Given


Please find attached various materials which you can download for your own or to pass along to a family member or friend. Help get the word out about the fund, helps the fund grow and serve the community in a bigger way. Any questions please refer to the contact page to contact a committee member. Thank you!

Brochure General Foundation

Annual Activity Report 2017 (Coming in Fall): Reports detail grants given, committee activity, and any special grant and events for the year.