About the Parshall Area Community Foundation

Established in 2011 by a group of concerned citizens, the Parshall Area Community Foundation provides a method of receiving donations and distributing grants to benefit projects or nonprofit organizations in the Parshall area. 

The Parshall Area Community Foundation is managed locally by a group of volunteer citizens whose primary activities are to build the fund and recommend grants annually.

HELPING US BUILD THE FUND: In order for the fund to have a bigger impact in the community, we invite those in the region to make some sort of a gift. Please refer to the "other information" tab for a report and brochure to find out more. Or please call one of us on the committee. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Local Advisory Committee

<p><strong>Kristin Jaeger</strong><br />
Shane Hart (chairperson)<br />
Joyce Waldock <br />
Carol Zacher
Coby Rabbithead
James Odermann


Kristin Jaeger email

Parshall foundation office email and phone: FOUNDATION COMMITTEE EMAIL (701) 353-8578

or contact John Heinen at john@ndcf.net or (701) 590-4614 the North Dakota Community Foundation Dickinson office.

Apply for a Grant from the Parshall Area Community Foundation

  • Grants shall be awarded only to those organizations designated by the IRS Code as 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt groups, or government agencies. 
  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations within Parshall and surrounding communities, as determined by the Advisory Committee. 
  • Grants to religious organizations will be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community. 
  • Applications shall be due October 1 of each year. 

Funding Priorities 
High Priority
• Projects or programs that benefit a greater number of residents 
• Requests that demonstrate applicant will seek or has secured other funding sources 

Low Priority 
• Requests for operating funds or day-to-day expenses 
• Requests for multiple-year funding 

Deadline: October 1


Download an application form, and send completed application to:

          Parshall Area Community Foundation
          PO Box 68
          Parshall, ND 58770

QUESTIONS: Foundation office (701) 353-8578 or FOUNDATION COMMITTEE


Grants Awarded by the Parshall Area Community Foundation

  • Parshall 2000, Inc. - $1,082 For A Computer Center          
  • Parshall Park Board - $1,800 For Free Swim & Water Safety Lessons for Kids          
  • Parshall Schools - $300 For Achievement Day Ribbons            
  • Parshall Schools - $415 For Bench Project            
  • Parshall Senior Citizen's Golden Jet Set - $1,000 For Remodel Project For Handicap Accessible Bathroom & Door          
  • Paul Broste Rock Museum - $1,000 To Remodel Bathrooms & Displays & Ceiling          

There are currently no other funds in this area. If you would like to establish a fund to support the Parshall area, please contact our office.

Please find attached various materials which you can download for your own or to pass along to a family member or friend. Help get the word out about the fund, helps the fund grow and serve the community in a bigger way. Any questions please refer to the contact page to contact a committee member. Thank you!

Brochure click here

Annual Activity Report (Coming soon)