Fund A Project

There are a lot of exciting projects going on across the state, funded and driven by community-minded people.  NDCF helps by serving as a fiscal sponsor for organizations or project-specific initiatives.  Your gift to one of our fiscal sponsorships will help further their specific mission.  Since NDCF is a 501(c)(3) organization according to IRS rules, your donation will also be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of state and federal law.

Some examples of projects and organizations that use NDCF as their fiscal sponsor include:

  • Cavalier Community Clubhouse Project
  • Central Dakota Cyclists Fund
  • Emerado Community Development Coalition
  • North Dakota Patriot Guard Fund
  • Harmon Lake Recreation Area Fund
  • Killdeer Ambulance Service Fund
  • Friends of the Lyric Fund
  • Native American Development Center
  • ND Department of Ag - Mobile Food
  • North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame Fund
  • North Dakota Indian Business Alliance
  • Northwood Hockey Boosters Fund
  • New Rockford Golf Club Improvement Fund
  • Pink It Forward Fund
  • Powers Lake PreSchool Association - dba Little Ranchers Community Preschool
  • Powers Lake Restoration Fund
  • Save Our Screen Fund - Cavalier
  • Save Our Strand Fund - Grafton
  • Women's Health Conference
  • Adrian Parks & Recreation Non-Endowment
  • Cav-Landic Trail Non-Endowment Fund
  • Cowboy Sports Complex Fund - Killdeer
  • Divide County Public School Foundation
  • Parkinson Wellness Programming Fund
  • Ellendale Public School Non-Endowment Fund
  • Grenora Public School Foundation Fund
  • Mayo Meadows Health Professional
  • Northern Cass Foundation Non-Endowment
  • ND Conservation Non-Endowment Fund
  • Powers Lake Public School Foundation
  • Stanley Library Non-Endowment Fund
  • Tioga Swimming Pool Fund
  • Watford City High School Alumni Foundation

If you have a specific project, school, or organization in mind, please give us a call.  We can establish a new fiscal sponsorship with your gift and your guidelines - as long as it makes North Dakota a better place to live, work, and play!

The Save our Strand fund raises money for improvements and updates to the Strand Movie Theatre in Grafton. Several communities have established non-endowment funds through NDCF to maintain their theatres, an important entertainment option in their town.

Several North Dakota School Districts have established non-endowment funds with NDCF to raise money for things their school budget can't supply, like new playground equipment, emergency housing for teachers (in oil country), building additions and updates, and equipment and supplies.

The New Rockford Golf Club Improvement Fund does just what it says . . . and donors receive a tax deduction for their gift to the fund.