The Power of Endowment

The greatest gift you can give your community or organization is a permanent endowment fund.  These are permanent savings accounts that grow over time, providing charitable income for projects and programs forever.  A large percentage of NDCF's assets are in endowment funds, providing a permanence and strength to the causes our donors support.

To better explain how an endowment fund works, the graphs below show a real-life example.  If you invested $100,000 in an endowment fund in 1990, and never made any other donations to the account, the fund would have a total value of $160,970.05 at the end of 2017 and would have given out a total of $159,169.51 in grants over the years!

The above graph shows the total value of the endowment fund as it grows over time with market fluctuations. The total value of the account at the end of 2017 is $160,970.05 AND it gave out grants totaling $159,169.51.