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Scholarship Funds at NDCF

Scholarships are listed below geographically or by college. Each scholarship has its own set of specific eligibility requirements, preferences, and priorities. In some cases, additional information, such as an essay, is required. Please read each scholarship description carefully before submitting your application. 

In all cases, the scholarship deadline is firm - applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

          Scholarships by College

          Statewide Scholarships

          County-wide Scholarships

          Community Scholarships

Scholarships by College

Cody Feist Memorial Scholarship - (engineering)
Holli Kautzman Memorial Scholarship - (pharmacy)

UND School of Medicine
John J. Ayash Scholarship

James & Winifred Marvin Scholarship Fund

Statewide Scholarships

Audrey Doyle Scholarship  (3rd year college student)
Calvin Andrist Scholarship  (journalism)
Curtis Stern Memorial Scholarship (agriculture, emphasis on sunflowers)
Donald B. Sass Memorial Scholarship (field of oil and gas)
Dushinske & Jamison Water Resources Scholarship
Elvine Sondreaal Septon Scholarship 
Gerald W. & Edith F. Wallace Scholarship (farm family, physical disability)
Jake Wallin Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship 
Kenneth & Leila Morris Dental Scholarship
Monroe Scheflo Memorial & U.S. Durum Growers Association Scholarships

ND Aviation Scholarships

Jim Lawler Memorial Scholarship Fund
ND Aviation Scholarship Endowment Fund
ND Aviation Scholarship Non-Endowment Fund
Pilot Legacy Scholarship Fund
ND Aviation Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund

ND Career & Technical Education/Reuben T. Guenthner Scholarship
ND Farmers Union - Alan Bergman Scholarship
ND Farmers Union Co-op House Scholarship
ND Farmers Union Scholarship
NDCF Veterinary Medicine Scholarship (formerly the Dr. Roger Meisner Vet Med Scholarship)
ND Veterinary Medical Association Endowment Scholarship
North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Association Scholarship
Ronald D. Liudahl Scholarship (wildlife mgmt and/or fisheries biology)
Stanley & Julie Buxa Nursing Scholarship
Tom and Ruth Bettenhausen Scholarship (veterinary medicine)

County-wide Scholarships

Multiple County

Barnes County
Dick & Dean Bultema Scholarship

Kenneth & Arline Lueck Scholarship Fund

Billings County
Billings County Scholarship

Kidder County
Timothy T. & Frances White Scholarship

McKenzie County
Arnold & Dorothy Holm Scholarship Fund
Connie Wold Wellness Foundation Scholarship
Donna Maston Charitable Fund Scholarship
Ray & Lillian Gulbranson Scholarship
Rupert J. Rehberg Scholarship

Wayne Olson Memorial Scholarship

Morton County
Robert E. Chase Scholarship

Pembina County
Alice Olson Byron Memorial Music Scholarship

Walsh County
Lloyd & Martha Haas Scholarship
Theo Torgerson Scholarship
Victor & Verna Johnson Scholarship

Wells County
Eleanor Wiebe Scholarship 

Community Scholarships

Frank & Emilie Blasl Memorial Scholarship

J. Garvin Jacobson Scholarship

Belcourt (Turtle Mountain High School)
Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Alton Carl Wolfer Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin Berg Memorial Scholarship
Bismarck Rotary Club Scholarship
Bismarck Schools Scholarship
Chris Traeholt Memorial Scholarship
Edgar Bollinger Memorial Scholarship
Esther Hample Scholarship
Evan Grove Scholarship - clay target league
Guy Larson Scholarship
Harold Kepler Music Scholarship
Jim & Barbara Blaine Scholarship
Kathy Eggmann Memorial Scholarship
Lisa Kraft Memorial Scholarship
Muriel R. Hyden Memorial Scholarship
ND Military Scholarship
Paulie (Paula) Paul Memorial Scholarship
Robert C. Peske Memorial Scholarship
Tom Sturdevant Scholarship
Tyler Herman Memorial Scholarship

Lars & Hilda Svendsgaard Scholarship

Alfred Klewin Scholarship

Berk & Kay Strothman "Bowman High School Class of 1946" Scholarship
Leo D. and Mary C. Kalisiak Memorial Scholarship
Martin and Ellen Rolfsnes Memorial Scholarship
Patricia K. Dyk Educational Scholarship

Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious

Cando (North Star Public School)
Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Emil Nickl Memorial Scholarship

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship
Margaret Geiger Green Scholarship
Melissa Chadwick Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Dakota Prairie
American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship

Dr. Henry Springer Scholarship

Sue Podenski Scholarship

Edmore High Funding the Future Fund

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Ellendale Area Scholarship
Ellendale Farmers Union Scholarship
Helen & Ed Leiby Scholarship
Jean E. Crabtree Memorial Scholarship
Kyla Morehead Memorial Scholarship
Leo Billey Memorial Scholarship
Muriel Crabtree Music Scholarship
Tiny & Joyce Gebhardt Scholarship

Carlyle R. & Eva M. Albrecht Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
Bert Rotnem Scholarship
Dean & Eleanor Miller Memorial Scholarship

Sally Brash Memorial Scholarship

Fred & Ida Osmon Memorial Scholarship

Conrad & Arthur Nisstad Memorial Scholarship

Glen Ullin
Ishmael & Rose Diede Charitable Fund for Scholarships: Glen Ullin

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
George H. Bliven Scholarship
Kiwanis - Meier Scholarship
laPlante Family Scholarship
Noela Kingsbury Memorial Scholarship

Grand Forks
John E. Conneran Memorial Scholarship

Les Melroe Gwinner Scholarship
North Sargent Class of '63 Scholarship

Ishmael & Rose Diede Charitable Fund for Scholarships: Hebron

Hettinger Class of 1996 Memorial Scholarship

Clarence Johnson/Eunice Iwen Scholarship (students must live within the boundaries of the Northern Cass School District)

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
Dawn Marie Stoik Memorial Athletic Scholarship
EllaRae Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Grace Stone Taylor Scholarship
Larimore Public Schools Scholarship
Lloyd A. Engh North Star Masonic Lodge

Paul Daniel Hougen Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Harold & Eldeane Johnson Scholarship
Lewis Lilyquist Scholarship
Lisbon Dollars For Scholars

Bismarck Rotary Club Scholarship
Evan Grove Scholarship - clay target league
ND Military Scholarship
Travis Allen Hohbein Memorial Scholarship

Michigan Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
John & Yvonne Cronquist Midway Scholarship

Kirstin Skari Memorial Scholarship
Minot Kiwanis Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
Bob Campbell Scholarship
Fred & Henrietta Kerian Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth & Arline Lueck Scholarship Fund (Montpelier High School) 

Ishmael & Rose Diede Charitable Fund for Scholarships: Mott-Regent
Michael D. Wehri Scholarship
Richard & Christina Fiedler Scholarship

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

New England
Alfred Klewin Scholarship
Ishmael & Rose Diede Charitable Fund for Scholarships: New England
Joan Multhaup Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship

BankNorth Scholarship
David Wagner Scholarship
Fay & Irene Sanders Memorial Scholarship
Garry Opp Memorial Scholarship
Gerald Ringdahl Memorial Scholarship
Leo Billey Memorial Scholarship
Mary Goldader (Johnson) Memorial Scholarship
Max Zelenak Scholarship
Oakes VFW Scholarship
Ray & Hazel Wuolu Memorial Scholarship
Rick & Nancy Warner Bigler Scholarship

Park River
American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship
Dean & Eleanor Miller Memorial Scholarship
Park River Scholarship

Ray Scholarship

Alfred Klewin Scholarship

Raider Scholarship

Rolla (Mt. Pleasant School)
Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Frank & Catharine Hornstein Memorial Music Scholarship (for assistance to attend International Music Camp in Minot)
Rugby High School Alumni Scholarship

Alfred Klewin Scholarship

Sheldon Mizpah Scholarship

St. John
Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

St. Thomas
Jean A. Argue Scholarship
St. Thomas, ND Scholarship Fund

Einar & Helma Septon Scholarship

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Helen & Everett Barta Scholarship

Dr. Donald P. Miller Memorial Scholarship

American Legion Riders, ND District #2 Scholarship

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Freda J. Bulloch Scholarship

Allen Giese Scholarship Fund

Watford City
Kirk Wold Memorial Trades Scholarship

Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Marv Rockstad Memorial Scholarship