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Where You Can Give

Statewide Greatest Needs Fund

NDCF's Statewide Greatest Needs Fund is designed to address the greatest charitable and community needs all across North Dakota.  A simple, yet effective application process allows North Dakota communities and organizations to explain what project or program is most important to them and in need of funding.  The NDCF's Board of Directors considers applications and directs grants every year to those who need help the most.

In 2020, NDCF's board directed all all Statewide Greatest Needs Fund grants to COVID-19 relief and response efforts to help nonprofits organizations in the state adapt to the situation and continue their mission.  To learn more about last year's grants, click here.

Gifts to this unrestricted endowment fund will ensure that there will always be a resource to address the changing needs in our state.

How to Donate to the Statewide Greatest Needs Fund

NDCF's Statewide Greatest Needs Fund is uniquely positioned to make a positive difference all across North Dakota.  You can be a part of this important and effective program by giving to this endowment fund today.  Your gift will help countless North Dakotans for generations.

  • Donate online by clicking on the "Donate" tab on the top right corner of this website
  • Send a check to NDCF at PO Box 387, Bismarck, ND 58502 (write SWGN on the memo line)
  • Include NDCF's Statewide Greatest Needs Fund in your will
  • Call us at (701) 222-8349 to discuss these or other options for giving

Gifts of over $5,000 will qualify for the North Dakota 40% State Tax Credit.  Contact NDCF or your tax advisor for more information.