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Note: Do not use this form if you applied for your grant through our Grants Portal. You must complete the final grant report assigned to you in the portal. Click here to be taken to the login page. You will find the report form under Follow Up Forms in the Active Requests section. 

If you have received a grant from the North Dakota Community Foundation or one of its component Community Endowment Funds, you are required to submit a report within one year of receiving the funds. 

Please contact us if an extension is required. Future grant eligibility may be affected if this report is not returned.

You may not save this form. Do NOT close your browser or navigate away from this page once you start filling it out, or your information will be lost and you will need to start over.

Name of organization which received the grant (include fiscal sponsor, if applicable)
From which fund did you receive a grant? (e.g. Statewide Greatest Needs or your local community foundation - specify which community)
Name of person submitting report.
Provide a detailed summary of how the grant money was expended.
Provide one or two paragraphs on how the grant benefited the community and how it impacted the success of the project. We want to hear how the grant was important. Attach a photo if appropriate.
Describe how your organization has or plans to recognize your local community foundation (or NDCF, if you received a grant from Statewide Greatest Needs) for this grant.

Supplemental materials (Upload below)

Photos  We love photos we can share in our newsletters, on social media, and in promotional materials to show our donors how their gifts are making a difference. (We may use your photo(s) at any time for purposes of promoting the North Dakota Community Foundation or our component funds.)

  • Show us your project or program in action. (We love photos that include people.)
  • Before and after photos of major repairs or renovations are powerful visual stories.

Recognition  We love to see how NDCF or one of our component funds was recognized for the grant you received. 

  • A copy of a newsletter or newspaper article that mentions the grant. 
  • A photo of our name on a donor wall or plaque. 
  • A copy of a brochure or flyer that lists our name or logo.

Other  Anything else you would like to provide to show how the grant money was spent?

  • Invoices or receipts

If you prefer to mail hard copies of any supplemental materials, you may do so:

North Dakota Community Foundation
PO BOX 387
Bismarck, ND 58502


Use this to upload a photo or document to supplement your report.
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Use this to upload a photo or document to supplement your report.
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