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Tiny & Joyce Gebhardt Scholarship

Fund Background: The Tiny & Joyce Gebhardt Scholarship was established in 2010 by both Tiny & Joyce. Tiny lived in the Ellendale area his whole life and Joyce since 1976 working on their family farm located approximately 19 miles north of Ellendale. Joyce was widowed at the age of 38 with four young children. With the help of grants, scholarships and loans the children were able to attend college and all completed a Masters Degree or beyond. Both Joyce and Tiny have always been an advocate of education. The Gebhardt’s desire is to create a scholarship that provides financial assistance to students aspiring to further their education beyond high school, while focusing on those without the means to attend on their own.

Eligibility Requirements: Graduating seniors from Ellendale High School may apply for the scholarship. Students must display the characteristics of self-motivation, respect for others, honesty, dependability, and a strong work ethic in and out of school. The scholarship will focus its benefits on those that meet the above criteria along with regard to the applicant’s financial need. The student must have a GPA of 2.5 on a 4.00 = A scale.

Applications accepted January 1 - April 1 only. Applications received outside of this window will NOT be accepted.

Return completed application to

Guidance Counselor of Ellendale High School, PO Box 400, Ellendale, ND 58436

Download application form (PDF)