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Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund

Fund Background: The Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund was established with a gift from the estate of Burton Gewalt who passed away in 2009.

Mr. Gewalt was raised in Breckenridge, MN. His career included manufacturing B-17 flying fortresses for the World War II effort and architecture work for the Foss Firm, Fargo, where he designed 37 churches. In Kalispell, Montana, he designed three buildings in Glacier National Park that have been named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Eligibility Requirements: The Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund will provide scholarship assistance to deserving students who have graduated from Breckenridge, MN High School. Priority will be given to students who exhibit strong character, have a strong moral and spiritual foundation, who have achieved success in their school studies and activities, and who have participated in community activities or work.

Applications accepted January 1 - April 1 only. Applications received outside of this window will NOT be accepted.

Return completed application to:

Breckenridge High School Counselor, 10 North 13th Street, Breckenridge, MN  56520

Download application form (PDF)