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Leo D. and Mary C. Kalisiak Memorial Scholarship

Background:  The Leo D. and Mary C. Kalisiak Memorial Scholarship is funded with monies from the Bowman Public School Foundation.  This scholarship is offered to those students who have graduated from Bowman County High School and are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year at a four year institution. 

Eligibility Requirements:  It is the wish of the Kalisiak family that recipients of this scholarship demonstrate financial need.  Students also need to carry at least a "C" average in their college studies.  A college transcript showing grade point average must accompany this scholarship application.  

The deadline for this scholarship application is July 15th of the current year.  Recipients will be chosen by a scholarship committee made up of the school superintendent, school counselor and president of the Bowman County School Board. 

This scholarship is a one-time award.  Recipients will not be eligible to receive the scholarship a second time. 

Mail completed form and an unofficial copy of your college transcript to:

Leo & Mary Memorial Scholarship
c/o Bowman County High School
PO Box H
Bowman, ND 58623

Download application form here.