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Ronald D. Liudahl Scholarship

Fund Background: This endowment was created by Judith Liudahl and Stephanie (Liudahl) Harr in honor of Ronald D. Liudahl, husband and father and co-founded with the Dakota Anglers. Ron had a passion for preservation and enrichment of North Dakota’s wildlife and fisheries. Ronald Liudahl, an avid hunter and fisherman, was a strong advocate for the preservation and conservation of habitat for wildlife and fisheries and served as:

  • President, Dakota Anglers 1980 and 1981
  • Charter Member of the Dakota Anglers
  • President, North Dakota Sportfishing Congress, 1993 to 1999
  • Instructor – Hunter Safety Education Course – ND Game & Fish
  • Instructor – Pathways to Fishing
  • Instructor – Aquatic Education – ND Game and Fish
  • Instructor – Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs – American Sportfishing Association, Future Fisherman Foundation

He was also active in government at the state level securing legislation that would benefit hunters and fishermen of North Dakota. He worked with Governors Edward T. Schafer and John Hoeven, as well as past directors of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, Dale Henegar, Lloyd Jones and Dean Hildebrand, in promoting conservation of wildlife and fisheries in North Dakota.

Students supported by the endowment will be selected annually. Students must submit an application that includes a resume, a statement of career objectives, and an academic transcript. Finalists will be selected by a panel of individuals from the Dakota Anglers and a representative of the Liudahl family. The amount of the award will depend on the funds available and the desire for progressive growth of the endowment. The amount may be adjusted appropriately over time with inflation. Usage of the Ronald D. Liudahl Endowment will be reviewed with the North Dakota Community Fund, the Dakota Anglers and the family on a regular basis to ascertain its effectiveness and to ensure its ongoing purpose.

The recurring income from the fund will be used to provide financial aid to undergraduate students in the fields of wildlife management and fisheries biology. Applicable expenses include tuition, books and materials, or travel expenses incurred while performing research in the related fields. Disbursement of funds will be made through the North Dakota Community Fund in the recipients name to the chosen institution of study.

Eligibility Requirements: The Ronald D. Liudahl Endowment will support undergraduate students whose interests and activities are to enter into an academic field of wildlife management and/or fisheries biology. Applicable programs are:

  • Fisheries and Wildlife (Bachelor of Science, Valley City State University of North Dakota, Valley City) Division of Mathematics, Science and Health & Physical Education
  • Natural Resources Management (Bachelor of Science, North Dakota State University - Fargo)
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Biology (Bachelor of Science, University of North Dakota – Grand Forks)
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Biology (Bachelor of Science, Minot State University/Bottineau – University North Dakota (Grand Forks)

The ideal scholarship recipient would have the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of North Dakota
  • Have completed at least 30 semester credits in one of the four programs
  • Clearly indicate career objectives in wildlife resource protection and management in a brief essay or statement
  • Have a grade point average and extracurricular/volunteer activities commensurate with good academic standing and citizenship.

Applications accepted January 1 - April 1 only. Applications received outside of this window will NOT be accepted.

Download application form, and return completed application to: 

Stephanie Harr, 66894 Hess Rd, Edwardsburg, MI 49112