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North Dakota Military Scholarship Fund

Fund Background: In February 1991, a Soldiers Relief Fund was established within the North Dakota Community Foundation to seek contributions from organizations and individuals within the Bismarck/Mandan area to assist National Guard and Army Reserve families who would be experiencing family emergencies or temporary financial problems due to the mobilization of these forces for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The swiftness of the end to these operations left a sum of money not needed as supposed. On May 16, 1991 the North Dakota Military Scholarship Fund was established with the NDCF with the remaining money.

Eligibility Requirements: Bismarck and Mandan Guard and Reserve members are eligible according to the guidelines below. The scholarship must be used for tuition at any institution of higher learning in the State of North Dakota, or any institution in any state which has tuition reciprocity with North Dakota. Financial need and academic ability are two factors which will be considered in making a decision as to the recipient. The recipient should intend to be a full-time student.

The following priorities will be used in the order listed: 
1. Individuals who served on active duty between August 2, 1990 and the cease fire date with priority given to the military personnel who were stationed in the Middle East. 
2. Spouses and children of those who served in the Middle East
3. Military personnel who were on active duty elsewhere in the world
Spouses and children of military personnel who were on active duty elsewhere in the world. 
At such time as the above-stated guidelines no longer produce eligible applicants, the scholarship may be given to other active ND Guard and Reserve members, or their dependents, with first priority to the Bismarck Mandan area personnel.

Applications will be accepted from January 1- April 1. Click here to apply.