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Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship

Fund Background: To honor Sherrie Bendixson Bettenhausen and encourage young people to become great educators, the Watford City High School Class of 1974 set up the Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship Fund to give scholarships to graduating seniors who were planning on pursuing a career in education.

Sherrie Bendixson Bettenhausen, Class of 1974 Watford City High School, passed away in 2003. Bettenhausen was a beloved member of the high school graduating class of 1974, and was very inspiring.

Sherrie was very bright and pursued her passion to have children succeed at whatever level they were. Bettenhausen took her Watford City High School education and went on to get a degree in special education. She taught in New Mexico, South Carolina and other districts around the country, all the while, attaining higher education and becoming the first class of 1974 graduate to earn her Ph.D and elevate herself to the level of college professor.

The purpose of this award is to provide scholarship money to a student choosing a career in education. This scholarship has been funded by her classmates, the Class of 1974.

The amount of this scholarship is $250.00.

Eligibility Requirements: Priority is given to students pursuing a career in education. 

Applications accepted from January 1 - April 1.  Click here to apply.