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Timothy T. & Frances White Scholarship


Long-time Kidder County residents, Timothy T. and Frances M. White owned/operated gas stations, vehicle repair shops, a bulk oil business, and were partners in a number of business ventures that served Kidder County residents and communities. Fran worked for many years at the Steele Ozone. Tim and Fran valued hard work and their chosen trades. Over the years, they gave generously of their time and resources to individuals in need, and to Kidder County communities. The White's final wishes included endowments to many local causes. Among the most important was the establishment of this scholarship fund. Through their generous gift, Tim and Fran hoped to leave a legacy of perpetual support for their beloved Kidder County friends and neighbors.

Eligibility Preferences

  • Available to graduating seniors of the Kidder County School District #1. Award preference is given to students planning to attend a trade school. Students demonstrating financial need and sincere desire to acquire a trade profession shall be given first consideration.
  • Funds shall be paid directly to the chosen educational institution. Should the scholarship award exceed the student's educational expenses, including fees, room and board, materials, and tools, the excess scholarship funds shall be forfeited. Students receiving additional scholarships are required to inform the scholarship committee of the funding source and amount of the award.
  • Students who withdraw from an institution during the scholarship year, and do not enroll in a college or university during the next term, shall be obligated to repay the scholarship funds. Students who are expelled from the institution shall forfeit the scholarship and be required to repay the entire scholarship award. Institution refunds must be repaid directly to the scholarship fund.

Download Scholarship Application here and Return Complete Application by April 1, by mail or email, to

Chad Olson
PO Box 463
Steele, ND 58482-0463