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Max Zelenak Scholarship

Fund Background: This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of a unique man who considered the kids and the people of Oakes his family. This Russian immigrant and lifelong resident of Oakes is a shining example to all of us that hard work, commitment, and an unselfish attitude are far more important than mere fame or fortune. Max lived until the age of 95.

Eligibility Requirements: Criteria used to determine awards:

o    ACT or SAT Composite score (15%)
o    CGPA (excluding Spring semester) (15%)
o    Curriculum (15%)
o    Financial need (25%)
o    Extracurricular activities (15%)
o    Work activities (15%)

Applications accepted January 1 - April 1 only. Applications received outside of this window will NOT be accepted.

Return completed application to:

Oakes High School Counselor
804 Main Avenue
Oakes, ND  58474 


In addition to the application form (below), you must submit an essay that answers the question, "How will you contribute to your community after college graduation?"

Download application form (PDF)