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About the Finley Community Endowment Fund

Established in 2002 to support charitable programs in the Finley, ND area, the Finley Community Endowment Fund is a permanent endowment fund that will support our area for years to come.  Earnings from the fund are given as grants to support nonprofit projects or programs that work to improve our communities and quality of life. 

The North Dakota Community Foundation, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3) and North Dakota law, provides professional management for the fund.  Gifts to the fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of state and federal law.

The Finley Community Endowment Fund is led by a group of local volunteers that make grant decisions and fundraise to grow the fund.

Local Advisory Committee

Brian Tuite
Harold Fetting
Lori Fetting
Dorothy Hanson
Karla Neset
Danielle Bremer
Marita Rau


Brian Tuite
PO Box 255
Finley, ND 58230


or contact Amy Stromsodt, NDCF Development Director at 701-795-1531

Grants Awarded in 2020:

  • Finley Fire District 203 - Finley Fire District Sign - $2,000
  • Finley Park Board - Purchase of swimming pool heaters - $3,012.86
  • Finley-Sharon Public School - School greenhouse project - $1,500
  • Finley-Sharon Public School - to support the After School Program - $1,500
  • Sharon Fire Department - support for the Sharon 125th Celebration and All School Reunion - $2,000


Grants Awarded in 2019:

  • City of Finley - Toward purchase of a new mower - $2,000
  • City of Finley/Finley Days Committee - to repair wind damage to large tent - $2,200
  • Finley Public Library - Library Book Project to purchase new books - $1,000
  • Finley Wildlife Club - to defray the expenses of the Finley Wildlife Club Bi-Annual Auction - $2,200
  • Steele County Soil Conservation District - to support Women in Ag Night 2020- $1,000
  • Steele County Vintage Farming Club - to support the 5th Annual Finley-Sharon PlowingBee in 2020 - $1,000

Grants Awarded in 2018:

  • City of Finley - Finley Days - Purchase of large tent for community events - $3,232.99
  • American Legion Peterson-Olson Post #13 - Main floor renovations - $2,500
  • Finley-Sharon Public School - After School Program - $1,500
  • Finley Park Board - Paving of campground RV area - $1,000
  • City of Finley - Auditorium roofing and window repairs - $1,000

Grants Awarded in 2017

  • City of Finley/Finley Days - Tent purchase/rental for Finley Days Celebration - $1,871
  • Finley Public Library - Large Print Book Purchase - $500
  • Finley Jr. Olympic Volleyball - Velocity Volleyball Program Costs - $1,000
  • American Legion Peterson/Olson Post #1 - Basement Foundation Wall Repair - $2,500
  • Finley Wildlife Club - Youth Pheasant Hunt - $3,250

Grants Awarded in 2016

  • Finley Public Library - Large Print Books/Shelving/Office Flooring:  $500
  • Finley EDC, Mic's Grocery - Freezer Project:  $2,000
  • West Traill Ambulance Service - EMT Certification Classes:  $3,000
  • Finley Park District - Pool Liner/Drain Suction Box/ Cover Project:  $1,275
  • Finley-Sharon Public Schools - FS Steele Stix Drumline Equipment:  $1,000
  • Finley-Sharon Public Schools - After School Program:  $1,500

Grants Awarded in 2015

  • Finley Community Wellness Center - Purchase of New Equipment:  $1,000
  • Steele County Historical Society - Renovation of Baldwin Arcade Building:  $500
  • Finley Park District - Swimming Pool Liner:  $3,375
  • Finley-Sharon Public Schools - After School Program:  $1,500
  • American Legion Peterson/Olson Post #13 - Exterior Siding Project:  $1,000
  • City of Finley, Finley Days Committee - Entertainment/Music:  $1,000
  • Finley Wildlife Club - Youth Pheasant Hunt - $1,000

Grants Awarded in 2014

  • City of Finley - Finley Days - Bouncy Houses Finley Days:  $788
  • Finley Economic Development Corporation - Cash Register Project:  $3,000
  • Finley Economic Development Corporation - Freezer Project:  $3,000
  • Finley Wildlife Club - Youth Pheasant Hunt:  $2,500

How to Apply for a Grant from the Finley Community Endowment Fund

Grant Guidelines:

  • Area Foundation makes grants only to those organizations designated by the IRS Code 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt groups or public tax exempt organizations.
  • Application needs to be filled out describing the organization, the project, the approximate project cost and the amount requested from the Foundation.
  • We do not fund entire projects.
  • In considering a request, the board will consider:
  • Organization’s management and integrity
  • Level of local involvement and support
  • The number of people to be served and the impact of the project on the community
  • The impact of the grant from the Foundation on the success of the project
  • The extent to which the project reflects a new approach to a problem
  • No grants for daily operational requests
  • Prioritizing requests:
  • Board will look at each project on its merits
  • Low priority will be given to projects supported by government or could be funded by taxes
  • No grants to individuals
  • Grants will not be concentrated in a single community except the city of Finley. The city of Finley will receive higher consideration because of the population

How to Apply

Step 1 - Review

Review the grant guidelines above to make sure your organization qualifies.

Step 2 - Register

Create an account on our Grants Portal. You will need your organization’s name, EIN, and executive officer's name. Be sure to write down your user name (email address) and password.

Step 3 – Complete Your Application

After registering or logging in, you will arrive at the application section. Click “Apply” to the right of the grant program to which you wish to apply. If you do not see your desired grant program on the list, contact our office. You will be able to save your application and return later to complete it.

Click here for more detailed instructions and tips for using our online grant system.