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About the Richland Wilkin Community Foundation

Established in 1985 by a group of residents concerned about the lack of funding for local organizations, the Richland Wilkin Community Foundation (formerly the Breckenridge/Wahpeton Community Foundation) provides a method of receiving funds/donations to benefit projects or nonprofit organizations in Richland County in ND and Wilkin County in MN. The Richland Wilkin Community Foundation is affiliated with the North Dakota Community Foundation, which is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(C)3 and North Dakota State law.

The Richland Wilkin Community Foundation conducts an annual campaign every year to raise money to meet the needs in their area.  If you would like to help others in your community, click on the "Donate to our Annual Campaign" button at the right.  The Foundation also has a permanent endowment fund to provide long-term support of the area.  For more information about the permanent fund, contact Amy Stromsodt at 701-741-3193.

Mission Statement:  To promote philanthropy and charitable giving that will impact the success of innovative, creative approaches to community growth and well-being.

Some of the 2014 grant recipients received their grants from BWCF board members in January of 2015. Pictured back row left to right are: BWCF board members Ken Harty & John Richman, Wyndmere park board member Mark Brekken. Front row left to right: Red Door Art Gallery manager Jolene Miller, BWCF board member Jana Berndt, Twin Town Skate Park member Sawyer Schuler, BWCF board member Colette Barton & Wydmere park board member Darcy Heitkamp. Our thanks to the Wahpeton Daily News for the photo.

Local Advisory Committee

Jana Berndt, Chair
John Richman
Diane Cordes
Rick Steckler
Alisa Mitskog
Jennifer Kjar
Tara Klostreich
Sue Moffet
Ryan Smith



Jana Berndt
PO Box 905, Wahpeton, ND 58075


Send an email

or contact Amy Stromsodt at the North Dakota Community Foundation.

2020 Annual Grants Awarded (formerly the United Way):

  • Breckenridge Youth Program - $2,500 toward an economic resiliency project
  • FirstLink - $1,500 for Mental Health training
  • PARTNERS - $1,500 toward the Foot Care program for residents
  • Richland Wilkin Backpack Program - $2,000 toward food for the program
  • Richland Wilkin Backpack Program - $800 toward a computer for a Mobile Pantry
  • Richland Wilkin Kinship - $1,268.50 toward technology updates
  • Someplace Safe - $2,000 to support financial resources for victims
  • Southeastern North Dakota Community Action Agency - $7,500 for Emergency Assistance
  • Three Rivers Crisis Center - $24,000 for general support and programming
  • Valley Lake Boys Home - $1,500 to purchase new beds for residents


2020 Endowment Grants Awarded:

  • Richland Wilkin Emergency Food Pantry - 1,000 to purchase a new computer for the food pantry
  • Hankinson Public School - $1,545 to purchase a chipper/shredder for the American Legion Veterans Memorial
  • Breckenridge United Methodist Church "Soul Shop" - $1,500 for Speaker fees for a Fall Event
  • CAPLP Lakes and Prairies Community Action - $1,446 for EBT (market match dollars) for Twin Town Gardener's Market
  • BIO Girls, INC - $3,120 to support programming for Beauty Inside and Out programming
  • City of Breckenridge - $4,243.97 toward construction of a Breckenridge Dog Park
  • Fairmount Park Board - $500 toward purchase of a new mower
  • Hankinson Park District - $1,500 toward a community skating rink
  • Marketplace of Ideas/Marketplace for Kids, INC - $2,000 for conversion to a virtual Marketplace for Kids event
  • North Dakota State College of Science Foundation - $467.75 for Bremer Bank Theater accessibility initiative
  • Red Door Art Gallery & Museum - $1,500 to support an online art auction

2019 Grants Awarded:

  • CAPLP Lakes and Prairies Community Action - $1,437 to put an EBT at the Twin Towns Gardener's Market
  • Mooreton Park Board - $1,000 for an ice skating/hockey rink
  • Southeastern North Dakota  Community Action Agency - $1,500 for individual emergency assistance
  • Wyndmere School - $1,500 for Battle of the Books program
  • Hankinson Park District - $1,500 toward the purchase of playground equipment for North Park
  • City of Breckenridge - $2,500 to purchase Pickleball Fencing
  • Red Door Art Gallery & Museum - $1,500 to increase and update indoor and outdoor lighting 
  • Red Door Art Gallery & Museum - $1,500 to support the Student Art Show


2018 Grants Awarded:  

  • Bio Girls Inc - $1,500 for start-up costs to establish a local chapter of Bio Girls in Wahpeton
  • United Way of Richland Wilkin County - $6,000 toward consultant to help write an organizational strategic plan
  • Campbell Improvement Committee - $2,500 toward the Campbell-Tintah Playground Equipment Project
  • Someplace Safe - $979 for Equipment and Technology upgrades
  • Wilkin County Historical Society - $1,185 for Office Equipment Upgrades
  • BIO Girls, Inc - $1,500 for start-up costs to establish a local chapter of BIO Girls In Breckenridge
  • Marketplace of Ideas/Marketplace for Kids, Inc. - $1,500 for Igniting the Spirit of Innovation and T-4


2017 Grants Awarded:

  • Breckenridge Public Schools - Purchase a 3D printer for the High School - $1,935
  • Breckenridge Active Living Committee - Disc Golf Course - $1,500
  • City of Breckenridge - Upgrade filtration system at the Aquatic Center - $2,000
  • Red Door Art Gallery & Museum - Purchase of a computer - $1,203.79
  • South East North Dakota Theater - SEND Theater lighting upgrade - $2,000
  • Southern Valley Health Watch - Trail Benches - $2,500
  • Breckenridge Public Schools - ECFE & Home Visiting Outreach Program - $5,000
  • Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership - SNAP benefits at Twin Town Gardner's Market - $540



2016 Grants Awarded:

  • Studio 5 -  Support for operating - $2,000
  • City of Breckenridge - Old City Hall Façade Preservation - $2,394.57
  • City of Breckenridge - Commercial Tent, Table and Chairs for community event - $800
  • Breckenridge Aquatic Center - Repaint/replace Lockers - $1,500
  • Bagg Bonanza Historical Preservation Society - Purchase New Bathroom Fixtures - $1,500
  • Richland/Wilkin Kinship - Purchase of a "Buddy Bench" - $770
  • Mooreton Park Board - Updates to the City Park - $1,500
  • SE ND Community Action Agency - Support for Local Residents Receiving Services - $2,000
  • United Way of Richland/Wilkin Counties - Support for the School Backpack Program - $5,000


2015 Grants Awarded:

  • Breckenridge Park & Recreation Dept. - Building Updates:  $1,500
  • Breckenridge Park & Recreation Dept. - Jefferson Park Batting Cages:  $1,500
  • City of Breckenridge - The TwinTown Skatepark:  $1,500
  • Red Door art Gallery & Museum - To Defray Costs for Annual Holiday Open House:  $1,664
  • Richland County - CEE Anniversary Celebration Project:  $1,500
  • United Way of Richland-Wilkin - Community Awareness Advertising:  $512
  • United Way of Richland-Wilkin - Food Backpack Program:  $5,000
  • Wyndmere Park District - Rock Garden Park Equipment:  $1,500
  • Wyndmere Teen Center - Wyndmere Teen Center Building Updates:  $1,500

2015 Grants Awarded Totaling $16,183 
10 projects were awarded grants this year including: 

  • Wahpeton Public Schools - Wahpteon High School Theater Department: $500 
  • Breckenridge Elementary School- Number Talks Program: $613.69 
  • City of Breckenridge Old City Hall Facade Preservation Project: $2,605.43 
  • Fairmount Park Board - Disc Golf Project: $1,500 
  • Hankinson Public Schools- Rototillers for the Elementary Community Garden: $4,200.00 
  • Richland-Wilkin Kinship- Kindships Buddy Benches- $770 
  • Rothsay Public Schools- Equipment and Supplies needed for Tiger Cub Club: $1,493.88 
  • Someplace Safe- 20 Grocery Gift Cards: $1,000 
  • Three Rivers Arts Council- World Fest: $2,000 
  • Wahpeton Public Schools- 8th Gr. Students attend Character Challenge Course: $1,500

Breckenridge/Wahpeton Community Foundation board members John Richman (far left) and Collette Barton (far right) award grants to successful applicants in 2011.

Apply for a Grant from the Richland Wilkin Community Foundation

• Grants shall not be made to individuals. Organizations authorized under IRS code 501(c)3 and those with official ties to government entities will be accepted.
• Grants shall be awarded to organizations within Richland County in ND and Wilkin County in MN.
• Grants generally do not exceed $1500.00.
• The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation will not fund those applications requesting funding for day-to-day operations
• Grants must have a significant impact on the financial success of the project. To this end, requests should not be a minor percentage of a much larger budget.
• Grants to religious organizations will be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community
• Lower priority will be given to projects supported by government, or which in the board’s opinion should be funded by tax collections.

In funding decisions, the board will consider the following:
• Specific merits of each project
• Organizational management and integrity
• Level of local involvement and support
• The number of residents to be served and overall impact on the community
• The impact of the grant on the success of the project
• The extent to which the project reflects a creative or innovative approach to a problem

Deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year and awarded on a rolling basis. 

How to Apply

Step 1 - Review

Review the grant guidelines above to make sure your organization qualifies.

Step 2 - Register

Create an account on our Grants Portal. You will need your organization’s name, EIN, and executive officer's name. Be sure to write down your user name (email address) and password.

Step 3 – Complete Your Application

After registering or logging in, you will arrive at the application section. Click “Apply” to the right of the grant program to which you wish to apply. If you do not see your desired grant program on the list, contact our office. You will be able to save your application and return later to complete it.

Click here for more detailed instructions and tips for using our online grant system.


The North Dakota Community Foundation also administers the following funds in the Breckenridge/Wahpeton area:

Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Scholarship:  The Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund was established with a gift from the estate of Burton Gewalt who passed away in 2009.  The Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund will provide scholarship assistance to deserving students who have graduated from Breckenridge, MN High School.

Dr. Roger E. Meisner Veterinary Medicine Educational Fund:  Established in 1996 by Dr. Roger E. Meisner who practiced Veterinary Medicine in the Wahpeton area and who also worked for the Federal Government for a number of years. Applicants must be graduates from a North Dakota high school and have been accepted or actively enrolled in a Professional School of any accredited College of Veterinary medicine in North America.

Elmer & Lucille Hoffert Fund:  Established in 2004 to support charitable projects in the Breckenridge/Wahpeton area.

Elmer & Lucille Hoffert Medical Research Fund:  Established in 2004 to support cancer and heart disease research.

Evan's Support:  Established in 2015 in honor of Evan Vincent Schumacher to provide support and assistance to families in a medical crisis. This support can include, but is not limited to:
1.) Providing functional, comfortable, and supportive furniture to medical facilities for families that need to stay on hospital grounds, and
2.) Assisting in writing and publishing child obituaries (18 years and younger)
To visit the Evan's Support page please click here

Leach Library Fund:  Established in 1992 to support the Leach Library