Ellendale Area Community Foundation

About the Ellendale Area Community Foundation

The Ellendale Area Community Foundation was established in 1998 by a gift from Frank Larson of Starion Bank. It provides a method of receiving donations and distributing grants to benefit projects or nonprofit organizations in the Ellendale area. The Foundation is affiliated with the North Dakota Community Foundation, which is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3) and North Dakota Law.

The Ellendale Area Community Foundation is managed locally by a group of volunteers whose main activities are building the fund and recommending grants annually. 

Local Advisory Committee

Aaron Tschosik (Chair) 
Monica Mertz
Paul Mahler
Paul Betting 
Chad Durheim 
Allison Radermacher 
Jeff Glynn


Aaron Tschosik, Starion Bank
PO Box 99
Ellendale, ND 58436
(701) 349-3213

Kara Geiger
Development Director, NDCF

Apply for a Grant from the Ellendale Area Community Foundation

Ellendale Area Community Foundation makes grants only to those organizations designated by the IRS code as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt groups or government agencies. Grants to religious organizations are limited to non-religious projects and programs, such as community food pantry or daycare. Grants will not be made to individuals.

Any group wishing to apply for a grant must submit a request online (see below). Applications must be received by March 15 each year. The deadline may be extended at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee reviews applications in April. If the committee has not notified you by May 1, you will know that your project was not chosen at this time.

In considering a request, the committee will consider:

  • Organization’s management and integrity.
  • Level of local involvement and support.
  • The number of people to be served and the impact of the project on the community.
  • The impact of the grant on the success of the project.
  • The extent to which the project reflects a new approach to a problem.
  • Low priority will be given for daily operational requests.


  • Board will look at each project on its merits.
  • Low priority will be given to projects supported by government, or which in the committee's opinion, should be funded by taxes.
  • No grants outside a 40 mile radius of Ellendale.
  • Grants will not be concentrated in a single community, except the city of Ellendale will receive a higher consideration because of population as well as being the headquarters for serving other surrounding communities.

Deadline: March 15

New for 2019 and Beyond:

We made it easy for you to apply online for a grant!

Step 1 - Review

Review the grant guidelines above to make sure your organization qualifies.

Step 2 - Register

Create an account on our Grants Portal. You will need your organization’s name, EIN, and executive officer's name. Be sure to write down your user name (email address) and password.

Step 3 – Complete Your Application

After registering or logging in, you will arrive at the application section. Click “Apply” to the right of the grant program to which you wish to apply. You will be able to save your application and return later to complete it.

Click here for more detailed instructions and tips for using our online grant system.

Grants Awarded by the Ellendale Area Community Foundation

In 2016, the Ellendale Opera House received a grant to help fund stabilization of the balcony.

Grants Awarded in 2018

  • Ellendale 4-H Archery Club - $1,500 for Archery Supplies
  • Ellendale Area Arts Council - $1,000 for EAAC Summer Concerts in the Park
  • Ellendale Area Arts Council - $1,000 for Kid's Art
  • Ellendale Fire Protection District - $3,000 for Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Ellendale Historical Society - $1,000 for Digitization of Obituary and Cemetery Records
  • Ellendale Lions Club - $2,000 for Dog Recreational Park Area
  • Ellendale Park Board - $5,700 for South Park Play Equipment Improvement
  • Ellendale Public Library - $1,500 for Purchase Complete Series of Books
  • Fullerton Fest - $1,500 for Fullerton Fest
  • Kedish House - $215 for Replace Paper Shredder
  • NDSU Extension Service - Dickey County - $1,000 for Buzz Garden & Community Orchard
  • O.P.E.R.A., Inc. - $2,000 for Phase 1 of Restoration Strategic Plan
  • Ellendale Community Ambulance - $3,653 for Advanced Life Support Cardiac Monitor