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About the Hatton Area Community Foundation

Established in 2018 to support charitable programs in Hatton and the surrounding area, the Hatton  Area Community Foundation is a permanent endowment fund that can support our community for years to come.  Earnings from the fund will be given as grants to support nonprofit projects or programs in the area that work to improve our community and quality of life. 


Advisory Committee

Bruce Vold
Joy Vaagene
Joe Garcia
Sigrid Letcher
Kallie Naastad
Faye Duncan
Dana Boe


Bruce Vold:  701-653-5949

Hatton Area Community Foundation
PO Box 232
Hatton, ND  58240

Or contact NDCF Development Director Amy Stromsodt at 701-741-3193.

Grants Awarded in 2020:

  • Hatton Eielson Public School - $600 - New gymnasium side backboards