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Larry J. Wilwant Fund for Pembina

About the Larry J. Wilwant Fund for Pembina, ND

Established in 2007 through the estate of Larry Wilwant, the Larry Wilwant Fund for Pembina, ND, provides funding for local non-profit organizations and projects by using income from the permanent foundation for grants in the community. The Larry Wilwant Fund is affiliated with the North Dakota Community Foundation, which is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)3 and North Dakota State Law.

The Larry Wilwant Fund is managed locally by a group of volunteers whose main activities are building the fund and recommending grants annually. 

Local Advisory Committee

Lisa Hall
Gary Helland
Shannon Cosley
Tim Wilwand
Mike Fitzgerald


Lisa Hall 
152 W Rolette Street
Pembina, ND 58271


Email Lisa

or contact Amy Stromsodt, NDCF Development Director, at 701-795-1531

The Larry Wilwant Fund for Pembina gave a grant in 2014 to help with the renovation of the community center.

Grants Awarded in 2020:

  • City of Pembina - $10,000 toward bond payment of Community Center (payment 13 of 14)
  • City of Pembina - $4,500 for the City 4th of July Celebration
  • Pembina Lamoure Memorial Golf Course - $3,700 for greens maintenance 
  • Faith in Action - $759 for travel vouchers for volunteers
  • Pembina Ambulance Service Inc, - $5,000 to purchase a chassis for ambulance
  • Pembina Catfish Committee - $3,500 to support prizes for the summer Catfish Tournament
  • Pembina Cemetery Association - $2,000 to purchase new flags for cemetery and $2,000 toward maintenance of the cemetery grounds
  • Pembina Fire Department - $5,000 to upgrade to LED lighting on pumper truck
  • Pembina Skating Rink - $4,000 for security features and maintenance of the rink



Grants Awarded in 2019:

  • City of Pembina - $10,000 toward bond payment of Community Center (payment 12 of 14)
  • Pembina Ambulance Service, Inc. - $5,000 toward the purchase of a Zoll Monitor (heart monitor)
  • Pembina Skating Rink - $5,000 toward payment on cement for year round use of the rink
  • Pembina Rural Fire Department - $5,000 toward purchase of new personal protective gear for firefighters
  • Pembina (LaMoure Memorial) Golf Course - $3,887 toward greens maintenance program and upkeep of mowers/fairway mower
  • Pembina 4th of July Committee - $5,000 toward the purchase of fireworks for the 4th of July celebration
  • City of Pembina - $5,000 for new signage promoting various amenities in town including the South Pembina Recreation Area, golf course and cafe
  • After Prom Party - $500 to help defray the costs of prizes and expenses for the After Prom Party


Grants Awarded in 2018:

  • City of Pembina - $10,000 toward bond payment of Community Center
  • City of Pembina - $2,000 for upkeep on the Pembina Cemetery
  • City of Pembina - $4,687 toward a new Welcome to Pembina sign and landscaping
  • City of Pembina - $5,000 for the Pembina 4th of July Celebration
  • LaMoure Memorial Golf Course, Inc - $4,688 for greens maintenance and deck repair
  • Pembina Ambulance Service - $5,000 to purchase a ZOLL Monitor
  • Pembina Rural Fire Department - $3,000 to replace SCBA Air Bottles
  • Pembina Skating Rink - $5,000 to pour cement in skating rink for year-round use



Grants Awarded in 2017:

  • Pembina Ambulance Service - $5,000 for a new Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS) - $1,500 to participate in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which gives books to children ages birth-5yr
  • Pembina Skating Rink - $5,000 to cement the inside of the rink for year round use
  • Lamoure Memorial Golf Course, Inc. - $5,000 to update decking around clubhouse, equipment repairs and greens maintenance
  • North Border Public School - $3,400 for new curtains on the stage and a community greenhouse project start up costs
  • City of Pembina - $5,000 toward fireworks for the 4th of July Celebration
  • Pembina Fire Department - $5,000 to replace 6 air bottles
  • Pembina Community Center - $10,000 toward bond payment of community center


Grants Awarded in 2016:

  • Lamoure Memorial Golf Course, Inc. - $3000 for new decking
  • Fort Pembina Historical Society - $1000 to start a library at the museum
  • North Border High School - $3410 to purchase Stadium Seats
  • Pembina Community Center - Renovation Project:  $10,000
  • Pembina Recreation Board - 4th Of July Festival:  $5,000
  • Pembina Recreation Board - Ice Rink Improvements:  $5,000
  • City of Pembina - $3,500 to purchase a floor buffer for the community center
  • Pembina Ambulance Service - $5,000 for a CPR Manican and new pagers
  • Pembina City Fire Department - $5,000 for new air bottles









How to Apply for a Grant from the Larry J. Wilwant Fund for Pembina


  • Grants will be made only to those organizations designated as a government entity or a non-profit, tax exempt group under IRS code 501(c)(3). Grants will not be made to individuals.
  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations that serve the city of Pembina as determined by an Advisory Board of local residents.
  • Grants will generally not exceed $5,000 per application.
  • Low priority will be given to grants requesting funds for day-to-day operations.
  • Grants to religious organizations will be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community.

In funding decisions, the board will consider the following:

  • Organizational management and integrity
  • Level of local involvement and support
  • The number of people to be served
  • The impact of the grant on the success of the project

Deadline: March 15

How to Apply

Step 1 - Review

Review the grant guidelines above to make sure your organization qualifies.

Step 2 - Register

Create an account on our Grants Portal. You will need your organization’s name, EIN, and executive officer's name. Be sure to write down your user name (email address) and password.

Step 3 – Complete Your Application

After registering or logging in, you will arrive at the application section. Click “Apply” to the right of the grant program to which you wish to apply. If you do not see your desired grant program on the list, contact our office. You will be able to save your application and return later to complete it.

Click here for more detailed instructions and tips for using our online grant system.

Other Funds Managed by NDCF in Pembina

Scholarships for Students from Pembina

Alice Olson Byron Memorial Music Scholarship The fund was established in 2010 with a gift from the family of Alice Olson Byron and the Alice Olson Memorial Fund, to assist students who have graduated from a Pembina County, ND high school to continue their post-secondary education.  Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a music major, but anyone actively involved in music may qualify as well.

Other Funds from Pembina

Laurel & Betty Koehn Family Charitable Endowment Fund:  Established in 2012, to support the philanthropic goals of the Koehn family.

Save Our Screen Fund:  Established in 2012, the purpose of the Save Our Screen Fund is to provide monies for the costs associated with the renovation/upgrade of the historic Theatre in Cavalier. Grants from the fund will be used to update/preserve the historic Cinema Theater in Cavalier, ND.